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Kobi Electric LED Lamps

An LED lamp comes with performance specifications that an incandescent light bulb can only dream of equaling. Whether it comes to lumens, power consumption or lamp life, an LED bulb is the superior choice when you're looking to light an area. While there are drawbacks to LED lamps, the upside is significant in the right applications. First, understand that these Kobi LED lamps offer directional lighting. Unlike incandescent options, the light doesn't flood an area. Typically, it will shine in a downward direction, with a 180-degree limit to its illumination.

For some applications, this can be a limiting factor. However, if the lengthy warranty on all of these lamps and the low power consumption is something that interests you, then you may benefit from trying these lamps out. Not only are Kobi lamps energy efficient, but they also come with 25,000 hours of lamp life. These LED bulbs will pay for themselves very quickly.

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