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Metal Halide Lamps

Featuring name-brands such as Philips, GE, Sylvania and TCP, our extensive selection of metal halide lamps are engineered and manufactured by lighting solutions leaders. Whether you’re looking for powerful flood lights to illuminate building facades or spotlights to accent retail displays, metal halide bulbs are highly versatile and can provide the right type of lighting for your application. Strong enough for industrial applications and practical enough for residences, metal halide lamps are also cost-effective.

  • Our metal halide lamp selection includes:
  • Pulse Start Lamps
  • Probe Start Lamps
  • PAR20 Floodlights
  • PAR30 Floodlights
  • PAR38 Floodlights
  • MAR16 Lamps
  • T4 Single Ended Lamps
  • T4.5 Single Ended Lamps
  • T6 Single & Double Ended Lamps
  • T7 Single & Double Ended Lamps
  • T7.5 Single Ended Lamps

    Metal halide lights have a lumen efficacy of around 75-100 lumens per watt, which is three to five times more efficient than incandescent lights. Metal halide lights also provide a long lamp life and retain their lumens well throughout their lifespan. Along with their efficiency, metal halide lamps are preferred for their quality of light. Metal halide lights typically feature a high CRI, or color rendering index, which provides more accurate color representation than many other types of light. This makes metal halide lamps popular in color-crucial applications, such as merchandising and retail. Metal halide bulbs also have a wide color temperature range – from 3000k to 20,000k. This temperature range allows users to choose the lighting that best complements the space – warm white light for a more inviting atmosphere, for example.

    Due to their expansive light coverage and lamp to lamp consistency, metal halide outdoor lights are often used to illuminate recreational areas. These lighting characteristics also benefit warehouses, storage facilities and other large indoor applications as well. Regardless of your intended use, we provide 15 different styles of metal halide lamps and can assist you with your lighting layout. Reduce your energy costs and transform your home or business with our vast selection of high-quality, name-brand metal halide lamps.

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