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Indoor Arena Lighting

LED Linear High Bays

LED Linear High Bay
  • Slim and tons of light
  • Great light distribution
  • High commercial efficiency

Starting at $113

Horse Arena Arena Lighting

LED Round High Bays

  • Traditional look and function
  • Great warranty options
  • Easy hook installation

Starting at $168

LED Tube High Bays

  • Simple lamp operation
  • No ballast required
  • Surface or cable mount

Starting at $59

LED Wet Location High Bays

Waterproof Vaportight Light
  • Built for tough environments
  • Stainless steel latches
  • Dust and waterproof

Starting at $145

Waterproof Light in room

Indoor Arena Lighting

LED High Bay Lights have become the standard for today's indoor arenas. Not only are all these fixtures efficient, they're also low maintenance and can start in sub zero temperatures. Browse our linear, tube high bays, round, and wet location high bays, or let us help you choose.

All of the most important factors you will need to consider are taken care of when you choose LED indoor arena lighting. The color temperature is a great with a more natural looking white light. These options are great for sports and easy on any animal's eyesight including horses. No matter which LED style you choose, it will out last any other older technology. LEDs are instant on so if you lose power or need to light the facility quickly, there is no warm up time. The light distribution is of the utmost quality. The end result is not overbearingly bright and very visible making the given area safer to play sports or ride horses in.

Linear LED High Bays

Slim, affordable, and tons of light. That about sums up these average 12,445 lumen LED High Bays. You can expect a 125 lumens per watt delivery and meets DLC Premium qualifications. These linears are usually L70 rated to deliver over 72,000 hours of LED life. These are the ideal solution for warehouses, gymnasiums, distribution centers or any where that needs bulk lighting.

LED Round High Bays

Benefit the most from LED efficiency with these round fixtures. With an average lifespan of 79,000 hours, these round high bays are sure make you satisfied with your purchase. You can expect these 125 Watt high bays to deliver 16,000 lumens of 5000 Kelvin daylight. These are perfect in replacing 400 watt metal halide High Bays. For the most efficient lighting, you can hang this fixture as high as 24 feet and still enjoy uniform circular light distribution. This lightweight and compact fixture can be used in any retail, warehouse, gymnasium, or industrial facility.

Tube High Bays

These fixtures have got it where it counts without a heavy cost investment. Get back to basics with a good fixture that can pump out the light with low wattage, paired with an LED tube that can be popped out and replaced in just a few minutes. These fixtures are versatile and easy to use in a variety of situations. These fixtures are built without a ballast and with non-shunted sockets for use with most LED T8 tubes on the market.

Vapor Tights

Designed for tough environments, our LED Ready T8 vapor tight fixtures are ready for line voltage LED T8 tubes. These fixtures feature stainless steel latches for maximum protection against the elements. These work well when wired to an occupancy sensor for added energy savings. The mounting of these fixtures require no holes to drill and can fit a variety of lamp combinations. Truly a solution for tough envirnements where debris and water are present.

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