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480V Step-Down Transformers – General Electric

Convert 480 VAC voltage down to 277 VAC with General Electric 480V step-down transformers available at Pro Lighting. In a step-down transformer, the first coil has more turns that the second coil, and the secondary voltage is smaller than the primary voltage. Both 250-watt and 350-watt transformers are in stock with input voltages of 347-480V and output voltages of 277 VAC. The transformer allows the use of a standard 120-277V T8 or a T5HO ballast. This thermally protected GE LED step down transformer 480V is 93 percent efficient, with a 100 degrees Celsius max case temperature. Order the transformer from Pro Lighting and save upwards of 15 percent off retail pricing, and get the GE transformers with a five-year manufacturer's warranty.