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Fluorescent Ballasts

In order for your fluorescent light fixtures to work properly, they need to have efficient fluorescent light ballasts installed. Ballasts for fluorescent lights work to stabilize the current through the light and provide the initial striking voltage required to begin arc discharge. Although fluorescent ballasts can be expensive, multiple lights can share a single ballast, helping you save on repairs and operation. Whether you’re performing troubleshooting or want to find a ballast for light fixtures that have stopped working, Pro Lighting can assist you with you with all of your fluorescent ballast needs.

If you’ve noticed that your light fixture has started to hum or buzz, you may need to replace the ballast. We carry all types of options to address this problem, including T5, T8, T12, compact fluorescent, dimmable, fluorescent sign, tanning bed ballasts and more. Simply determine which type of lamp you have and we can help you find the appropriate component. You can choose from top-rated fluorescent light brands at Pro Lighting, including Fulham, Advance, GE, Hatch, Keystone, Lutron and more. With the right ballast, fluorescent light fixtures will work as they did the day you purchased them.

These replacement ballasts come in a variety of start methods, including programmed start electric ballast options — ideal for hallways, stairways, bathrooms and other spaces where lights are regularly flipped on and off — and instant start ballasts for offices, commercial spaces, bedrooms and more. Additionally, you can purchase ballasts by factor to match your output needs. Questions? Contact our excellent customer service representatives for more information. We have a team of lighting experts on hand to help you find the right ballast for fluorescent lights in your home or business.