PRO Lighting proudly offers the Maximus Lighting Security Lights. This smart home security solution is built into an outdoor lighting fixture. The camera detects movement at your door and sends an alert to your smartphone allowing you to interact with the visitor at your home. This all happens via the Kuna app. You can sound an alarm, view video, and speak directly to those at your door.  As you would expect, these fixtures are able to withstand cold and wet weather. For installation instruction, check out this video provided by Maximus lighting.

Jiawei has over 500 products available under the Duracell and MAXIMUS brands for LED lighting. Jiawei was established in 1993 and the main focus was on research and development to produce some of the highest technological products available. Jiawei held over 70 patents in 1993 and has been applied to hundreds of industrial applications. In 2009 Jiawei became one of it not the biggest largest solar lighting supplier. Some of the best and brightest work on this team. The combination of technicalMaximus Security Light knowledge and pure research on energy consumption have been made them a top tiered name in the lighting world.

Maximus also offers a variety of other traditional LED lighting products, including: LED bulbs, LED fixtures, low voltage LED products, and accessories.  

PRO Lighting offers the best products from the best brands for all types of users. The long term use of a security that allows you to know when someone is at your house can offer you a lot. Including peace of mind. When Jiawei came to the United States in 2010 the amount of success they are continued to experience was proof that the products were widely appealing and worked well. In the modern age of technology that we live in now, there is a lot of cheap products that don’t live up to expectation. Luckily there is a wealth of information available via the internet to help figure out what actually works well and what doesn’t.

The home automation marketing is now a multi-billion dollar industry and expected to be a 80 Billion dollar industry by 2022. Why though? Why do people want to move towards this type of control? There is a few reasons. One reason is you can save energy. Devices can use much less energy when no one is home. Even devices that are in standby mode can draw a lot of power over a long period of time. Heating and cooling is also prevalent option in the home automation space. You can set heat or air conditioning to stop full blast settings when you’re away or gone for extended periods of time. Another thoughtful idea is you can keep tabs on your family. Most all parents know when the kids are coming home from school or what their schedule is like. They want the peace of mind when the Kuna app notifies them of when the get back to the home. The reality is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to home automation.