You’ve been saving your money. Today is the day, and now you’ve just finished the checkout process on Amazon. A few days later you’re patiently waiting for 5 O’clock to roll around so you can get home and open your package. Oh no! You don’t see a package on your front door so you go around to your side door, and backdoor…nothing. What happened? Was there a mistake? The tracking number indicates the package has been delivered, now what?

This situation is not uncommon. The winter months make deliveries even more precarious. The darkness of night falls earlier in the day and often it is pitch-black before you can get home from work to retrieve your package. Now more than ever consumers are relying on third-party shipping carriers to deliver their purchases. Releasing control and entrusting huge corporations can be hard especially when you hear stories every other week from colleagues and friends about missing packages, damaged shipments, and a lack of explanation.

Thankfully there are solutions to be found to help make you and your home more secure.

Motion Sensor Lighting

RAB is one of the largest and most well-respected brands in LED lighting today and PRO Lighting is proud to be one of their leading distributors. Their line of LED security lighting is top-notch and is a great starting point for home security. They have a variety of fixture styles and feature the most technically advanced sensor on the market today with a 180° outward pattern as well as either 110° or 360° underneath.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology put together a study on understanding the motivation behind home burglaries using convicted burglars as a data source. They found that nearly 25% of them would consider the presence of outdoor lighting when choosing a home to target. A sudden blast of bright light can startle many burglars especially if they are not expecting it. They think they have an easy target when they come across a dark house and then are thrown off when the lights go on the second they get within 60 feet of your house. Sometimes that’s all potential burglars need to realize what they are about to do is a bad idea.

The motion sensor has adjustable sensitivity as well as a timer so you can customize the settings to fit your exact preferences.

Smart Security Lighting

For those of you that want a step up in security measures and actually record what is going on outside your house, worry not. Technology has come a long way and the advancement of smartphones has made remote surveillance of your home accessible to almost anyone.

Maximus Lighting has emerged as one of the leading providers of smart security lights. They combine cutting-edge technology with softer aesthetics that fit any home. Their lights contain a surveillance camera capable of recording in 720p resolution and a live feed is available to access from anywhere when paired with the free Kuna app. There is even an intercom where you can speak through the security light to whoever is in range or create automatic messages to play if you are out of town.

Kuna does have a premium plan if you actually want to store more than 2 hours of footage, but because of the instant notifications you receive when anything happens, there is really little need for any more storage space than what is given. Maximus has created a product that looks great, works great and best of all makes you feel safe and protected.

We as humans are only capable of so much. We can only see what is in front of us. Motion sensor and smart security lights allow us to feel like we always know what is going on at home. Your options for outdoor lighting are no longer just on or off; you can save money and energy by installing motion sensor security lights and make sure your house isn’t left in the dark.