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Adorne by Legrand

With Adorne by Legrand light switches, dimmers, outlets, wall plates and more available at Pro Lighting, the emphasis is not just on how attractive these items are, but on how they function and how they feel.

Choose from a variety of On/Off options in white or magnesium. Adorne by Legrand makes switches in Paddle, Whisper, Softap, Touch, Wave, Push and SensaSwitch styles. The popular and best-selling Paddle Switch features a simple up and down motion, allowing you to easily turn lights on and off. The Adorne Whisper Switch combines a traditional toggle design and a paddle switch, with elegant lines and fluid motion. The Softap switch is designed with a micro-movement that turns lights on and off by using your finger to softly tap the control.

The Touch Switch features has a translucent face and operates with the press of a finger on the circle to turn lights on and off. The Wave switch has a contemporary design that is sleek, and you simply wave your hand in front of the switch to turn lights on and off. The Adorne Push Switch allows you to turn lights on and off with a simple push-button motion. SensaSwitch includes motion-sensing technology and offers Manual-ON/Auto-OFF, Auto-ON/Auto-OFF, and Manual-ON/Timed-OFF.

Adorne by Legrand also offers Wi-Fi Ready Switches that enable you control a light from a new location without running new wires. Simply install the Wi-Fi Ready Switch in an existing electrical box and wire it to the light, then install a Softap or Touch Remote Switch and follow instructions to pair it with the master switch.

Dimmers are also available in the same selection of styles as Adorne by Legrand switches. Dimmers provide a more granular level of control of the amount of light you desire in your room. Order wall plates from Pro Lighting that match the decor of your room. Get fast shipping on Adorne by Legrand products, which are offered at discounted prices from Pro Lighting.