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Adorne Occupancy Sensors

When your hands are full, it’s a pain (and sometimes even dangerous) to reach over and turn on a light as you enter a room. With Adorne Occupancy Sensors, you can easily make certain spaces in your home more efficient by making lights turn on and off automatically. SensaSwitch by Adorne features motion-sensing technology that will instantly turn lights off as you enter a room and turn them off as you leave. Can you think of anything more convenient for those times when you’re in a hurry or have your hands full? Thanks to Adorne Occupancy Sensors, you won’t waste unnecessary energy keeping lights on as you go in and out of a room. The SensaSwitch by Adorne is great for spaces like a garage or a pantry where automatic lights are especially handy. One of the great benefits of installing Adorne Occupancy Sensors is that you don’t need an electrician to do the work for you. Simply use the snap-in assembly system and fit the SensaSwitch by Adorne into your existing electrical box for a quick fix that will move your home into the 21st century.