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EarthTronics LED Lighting

Founded in 2007 with a commitment to reduce energy consumption and become responsible stewards of the environment, EarthTronics is an innovator in energy-efficient lighting products that are not only better for the planet, but help save consumers money in the long run.

EarthTronics understands that lighting is much more than illuminating a room – the company understands how different wattages and colors can affect people’s moods. Such information is helpful when designing office or residential space because it can assist in creating the atmosphere you hope to present.

Michigan-based EarthTronics is known for its line of EarthBulb products, which boast an increased lifespan and greater efficiency, resulting in a reduction on your power bill as well as a smaller carbon footprint for your home or business. All EarthBulb lamps provide more than 80 percent energy savings. EarthBulb products can be found in commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and residential homes and offer a versatile lighting solution, from decorative and display lighting to downlights and general area lighting. And with a selection of more than 100 different types of EarthTronics bulbs, from A-shaped to corn cobs, MR16 bulbs, filaments and more, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at Pro Lighting.

EarthTronics continues to expand while keeping its focus on energy-efficient LED light bulbs, linear LED and LED fixtures. The company specializes in LED retrofitting and offers easy-to-use kits that allow you to convert from traditional CFL lighting to eco-friendly LED lighting, an investment that will save you thousands of dollars over the years.

Pro Lighting carries a number of EarthTronics LED Retrofit Kits to help reduce energy consumption while updating the design of your home or work space. The LRT41130D, for example, is a 4-inch, 11-watt dimmable downlight retrofit that delivers 800 lumens of neutral 3000K light, making it the ideal fixture for use in dimming recessed lighting applications. Browse our selection of EarthTronics, a reliable brand you can trust.