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Halco Lighting Solutions

Halco brand lamps, ballasts and fixtures available at Pro Lighting provide value and energy-efficiency with an impressive portfolio of lighting solutions that are sold for discount prices with fast shipping. Incandescent sources consume a lot of energy to produce light, but energy-efficient Halco LED lamps consume less energy with a lower rated wattage while producing equivalent light output. Pro Lighting stocks Halco T5HO fluorescent tubes, T8 fluorescent tubes and LED flat panels. Halco offers lights with wattages ranging from 9W to 54W, in lengths of 46 inches or 48 inches. The wattages are equivalent to 50W, 60W or 120W incandescent, only they use far less energy. Input voltages available are 120 VAC and 120-277 VAC.

Color Temperature, also known as Correlated Color Temperature or CCT, is the actual color of the light source, which helps to create the mood of a space and is measured in Kelvins (K). Seven different color temperatures of Halco lights are available, ranging from 2700K to 6500K. Lower temperatures are warm and soothing and are typically used in residential and hospitality settings. Higher temperatures are cool and clean and used more commonly in healthcare and education settings. The color tones offered are neutral white, warm white, daylight, cool white and full spectrum.

Choose from Halco lights with rated hours of 24,000 up to 50,000 of life, with operating temperatures of as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit available. The maximum operating temperature is 104 degrees. These dimmable Halco lights are UL listed for damp locations. Halco brand lights come with a two-year warranty, and accessories, such as Halco stepped baffles, are guaranteed for five years. Halco’s Linear Fluorescent lamps are engineered to provide optimum performance when operated with a ProLume ballast. Halco’s two-year limited warranty on ProLume T8 and T5HO lamps is increased to three years when they are operated by a new Halco ProLume ballast.