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CFL 4-Pin Ballasts

Are you thinking about installing CFL 4-pin ballasts in your industrial space? Let Hatch make the process that much easier with their Program Start SmartKits. These simple kits include all the instructions and products you need for a successful and simple CFL 4-pin ballast installation. The kit features a step-by-step guide for setting up a program start on your Hatch Lighting CFL 4-pin ballasts. In addition, there are four different wattage options to give you the proper product for your lighting needs. If you need a simple and fast product to get your CFL 4-pin ballasts set up, order this Hatch SmartKit from Pro Lighting today. Five-year warranty included Program start feature standard 1-2 lamps per unit 120-277V Select 13-, 18-, 26- or 42-watt model