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Kobi Electric

A wide selection of Kobi Electric LED lamps available at Pro Lighting offer copious choices for sizes, shapes and different illumination applications. Choose from LED corn lights, LED A-Shape lights, LED R20 lamps, LED PAR 20 lamps, R-BR30 lamps, LED PAR30L lights, PAR38 lamps, R-BR40 lamps, G25 globe lamps, B12 candelabra lights, LED MR16 lamps, LED T8 lamps and under-cabinet lighting.

Whichever application you require Kobi Electric LEDs for, you can count on significant savings thanks to their proven energy efficiency. Old-fashioned incandescent lighting just cannot compete with Kobi Electric LEDs in the area of utility savings. Kobi Electric LED lamps reduce power consumption without reducing illumination. Kobi LED lamps provide directional lighting, and the light does not flood an area the way a comparable incandescent light would. Instead, these LEDs shine downward, with a limit of 180 degrees to their illumination. Kobi LED lamps are rated to provide approximately 25,000 hours of lamp life.

Kobi LED Corn Lights are available in wattages ranging from 18W to 100W, with input voltages of 120-277 VAC and 100-277 VAC, color temperatures of 2700K and 5000K, daylight, warm white and amber tones, and rated hours of 50,000. Kobi under-cabinet lighting fixtures that illuminate hard-to-reach areas come in wattages of 10W, 12W and 13W, with an input voltage of 120 VAC, daylight color tone and color temperature of 5000K. Under-cabinet lights from Kobi are rated for about 36,000 hours of lamp life.

All Kobi LED lamps come with a warranty that covers five years. Order from Pro Lighting for fast shipping and discounted pricing. If there is a particular item that you cannot find in stock at Pro Lighting, they may be able to custom order it for you.

Kobi now offers many different types of indoor and outdoors fixtures as well. These include: LED panels, LED troffers, LED high bays, LED vapor tights, retrofit downlights, various outdoor fixtures and undercabinet fixtures as well.