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Kobi A-Shape LED Lamps

Kobi Electric A-Shape LED Lamps are the perfect replacements for your high-wattage light bulbs. Each of our Kobi A-shape light bulbs has a clean, bright LED light that perfectly illuminates your home or office. Though the light is just as beautiful, our Kobi Electric A-Shape LED Lamps use less energy and save you money in the long-term. Our Kobi A-shape LED light bulbs use between 8 and 15 watts and can be used to replace 40- to 75-watt incandescent bulbs. Each of these LED light bulbs is made to last with an impressive life of 25,000 hours — and include a five-year warranty. With Kobi Electric A-Shape LED Lamps in your home, you’ll have luminous, efficient lighting that lasts for years and requires less energy than outdated alternatives. In addition to choosing the wattage of your Kobi A-shape LED light bulbs, you can also choose the light tone. Our color tones range from a warm white for cozy indoor spaces to a cool white for more active areas in a home, shop or warehouse. Shop our selection of Kobi Electric A-Shape LED Lamps today to find one that meets your lighting needs.