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Lutron Diva Gloss Dimmers and Switches

Before there were specialized dimmer switches, dimmers developed for incandescent lamps would make fluorescent lamps jump or pop in and drop out. Smooth dimming worked for incandescents, but dimming was far from optimal as compact fluorescent (CFL), LED and magnetic low voltage technologies became more popular in homes. But now Lutron, the company that grew out of the invention of the dimmer switch, has developed specialized dimming switches for each lamp technology, so that home and office lighting can get back to smooth dimming control. Lutron sells a full range of dimmers, adding an element of good aesthetic design with their Diva designer colors and textures. Check the listing below for the Lutron dimmer that fits your application from among the many lamp technologies, CFL, halogen, LED and magnetic low voltage. In addition to dimming designed for the type of lamp, there is also dimming for one-way fixtures and 3-way fixtures. You'll also find the 3-way, quiet dimmer for fans to complete your home's efficient, eco-friendly dimmer installation.