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Lutron Maestro Timers

Lutron Maestro Timers are the ultimate in energy savers. They can ensure that you don't leave lights or fans on by allowing lights a specified amount of operating time, time you preset into the timer yourself. Timers come with a given range. For example, the Maestro eco-timer can be set to operate either a fan or lights, and you can set it to run the appliance anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Likewise, the Countdown Timer can operate both fan and lights, but it gives you a variant of 5 - 60 minutes. These systems may work well for exhaust fans or for predictable events, such as a return home, when garage or driveway lights may set to turn on and off. The dual Maestro Countdown Timer + Dimmer is specifically designed for incandescent/halogen applications. In all cases, see factory specs for wiring details; for example, the general purpose Maestro Countdown Timer doesn't need a neutral, but the Maestro Multi-location Timer does. These timers typically have tiny LED lights to let you know the amount of time remaining.