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Lutron Maestro Occupancy & Vacancy Sensors

Lutron wall mount motion sensors work well in rooms that have hanging fixtures such as ceiling fans, chandeliers, and other pendant lights. Like other Lutron sensors, Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors make use of two technologies, which, when taken together (Dual Technology model), create a powerful crossfield for motion detection. The model that uses only Passive Infrared (PIV) technology detects larger motions and is a very workable solution for the savings. The dual system combines the PIV technology with Ultrasonic Sensors (US) to ensure against false detections. You can set the off delay on these versatile units for 4 to 30 minutes. These sensors will detect a 110-degree sweep from their mount on the wall, and all three Lutron Wall Mount Sensors cover a room of up to 1600 square feet of floor space. They work alone with a power pack, or they will work in a larger system among other Lutron sensors (no power pack needed). Apart from noted Lutron quality, these sensors have an 8-second test mode so that you can check their efficacy at any time. But you’ll find that with self-correction, these precision engineered devices will perform dependably for years.