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Lutron Maestro Wallbox Sensors

Meet our group of Lutron Maestro Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors, alone or in combination. Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensors make life convenient, streamline your budget, and conserve energy consumption for you and the environment. They automatically turn lights on when you walk in, for example if your hands are full or the switch is far from the door. Also has sensing so that if there's sufficient ambient light, they won't turn on. They automatically turn off when you leave the room, maximizing energy savings over the many instances when someone might forget to turn off the lights or gets called away from the room and doesn't return. Maestro occupancy sensors include ambient light detection, so that lights don't turn on if there is enough ambient light in the room already. Sensors work with all kinds of technologies, from incandescent, halogen, CFL, and LED lighting to fans. Vacancy sensors have a manual on switch with an automatic off vacancy sensor. You still conserve energy, but don't have lights going on when there's likely to be motion in a room caused by an inappropriate source, pets, for example, or a sleeping individual or a cleaning robot.