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Maximus Lighting Security Lights

About Maximus Security Lights

Maximus Smart Security Lights combine smart home security with efficient and stylish outdoor lighting. Receive alerts on your smartphone when someone is at your door. See the visitor in 720p HD and interact with them through a two-way intercom.

Simply download the Kuna app to create lighting schedules, sound an alarm, turn the lights off, and more. Maximus Smart Security Lights come in four award-winning styles to fit any home!

Jiawei has over 500 products available under the Duracell and MAXIMUS brands for LED lighting. Jiawei was established in 1993 and the main focus was on research and development to produce some of the highest technological products available. Jiawei held over 70 patents in 1993 and has been applied to hundreds of industrial applications. In 2009 Jiawei became one of it not the biggest largest solar lighting supplier. Some of the best and brightest work on this team. The combination of technical knowledge and pure research on energy consumption have been them a top tiered name in the lighting world.