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NSL LED Mini Star II Lights

The LED Mini Star from NSL Lighting is a super thin, super efficient undercabinet light. At only 3" x 3" and 0.5" thin, you can hide them anywhere! CREE brand LEDs inside means they're made to last. Consumes only 3.5 watts and produces as much light as a 20 watt halogen while producing the same color tone! Available in four fixture finishes.
By adding illumination to a space, you can make it more visually appealing and useful in one fell swoop. A great way to achieve this lighting solution is to install NSL Mini Star Lights. These ultra-thin, 3.26-watt LED lights are the perfect under-cabinet fixture for simple installation. They give off a soft, warm glow that’s ideal for spaces that get lots of use but are a bit on the dark side. In addition to under-cabinetry applications, homeowners can utilize NSL LED Mini Star Lights in display cases or work stations for better viewing capabilities. Because they use a low amount of wattage, up to 25 NSL LED Mini Star Lights can be linked to a single remote power supply. In addition, they can also be dimmable for better control over your lighting in certain areas of the house. Choose between a number of finishes and sizes for your NSL LED Mini Star Lights to create a customized look that’s perfect for your home or office. You can purchase single lights or complete NSL LED Mini Star Light Kits with a driver for a complete installation.