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NSL Thin Star Lights

At ProLighting, we carry a complete line of LED Thin Star products. Our 11, 22 and 33 inch Shelf Star models fit in any confined spaces. These thin, compact lamps illuminate shelving without taking away from your storage space. Keep your shelves well-lit and organized with our Thin Star LED strips. LED lights are a step above the rest. Their energy efficiency is unparalleled by fluorescents. LED lamps last up to 60,000 hours of continuous light with zero maintenance necessary! We also offer the driver and cords you need for each Thin Star installation. Find male/male and male/female extension cords and male/male joiners. Our cords are available in black, white and brown to match any décor. Install one of our two Thin Star sizes in your home. Make arts and crafts more enjoyable than ever or add Thin Star strips as a fun and unique decoration. Highlight your favorite family photos with these energy-efficient light sources.
When it comes to hard-to-reach places, NSL LED Thin Star Lighting does a wonderful job of making a tough job seem like a piece of cake. With a super-low profile that’s extremely subtle and elegant, you can put NSL LED Thin Star Lights on cabinets and have them blend in seamlessly with your décor. Imagine your kitchen counters awash with the soft, warm glow of your energy-efficient NSL LED Thin Star Lighting. No bulky fixtures or modules will be visible thanks to the vertical profile of only 7/16” on every NSL LED Thin Star Light. While NSL LED Thin Star Lighting is most commonly used for under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, it’s wonderful for several other uses as well. Consider NSL LED Thin Star Lights for display cases or work stations that need more illumination. You can even brighten up cabinet interiors or speaking podiums with this convenient and subtle lighting system.