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Philips Lighting

About Philips Lighting

The recognition of the Philips brand name is widespread. The lighting industry is no exception. The vast product line expands to sound, personal care, health, automotive, technical products, and more. In the lighting world, Philips offers a selection of lamps that can be used to light up your childrens room or on one of the busiest bridges in Canada. The versatility of the brand is truly a great example of how technology can elevate your brand and product offering. If you decide to purchase lighting from Philips, take a moment and examine it. The quality is apparent. It’s no wonder they are a leader in the lighting industry.

Commercial Lighting

Philips provides excellent direct LED replacement solutions without changing fixtures. They also provide lights that work with existing ballasts. From post top LED lamps to High Bay retrofits, the quality of Philips is truly where the value exists. Hundreds upon thousands of hours of research and development have went into the science and technology of dissipating heat away from the LED diode. This allows the light source to be more efficient by means of less wasted energy that takes the form of heat. One benefit of less heat can be in workshops that have a staff of workers doing laborious duties. This is just one example. PRO Lighting will provide on and off site consultation to show you how you can save money of your electrical bill, make your employees happy, and provide a safer work environment.

Residential Lighting

A home has many light sources. LED light sources are the best and easiest source to make the inconvenience of a burnt out bulb go away. Philips LED lights last up to 20 years. That's 15X longer than traditional light bulbs. Leaders in the dimmability technology, Philips offers 2 types of dimmable LED bulbs. The first is a more traditional effect that dims the amount of light and voltage to the lamp. The second has a warm glow effect as you dim. This creates a "cozy glow". Like all brands, the LED lights they offer come in the same base and shapes that you already have your house. Changing out old lamps has never been easier. Philips provides many tips and instruction on best practises to light the different parts of your home. Including areas of the house like your living room, garden, and bathroom.