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RAB Occupancy Sensors

RAB occupancy sensors automatically control interior lights to save energy, provide convenience and increase safety in work environments. ProLighting offers both wall-mounted, 180 degree RAB occupancy sensors and 360 degree ceiling mounted occupancy sensors. The 180 degree, passive infrared commercial grade RAB occupancy sensor is reliable, gangable and can be used with electronic ballasts. The RAB Smart Switch Occupancy Sensor also features "ZAPS" Zero Arc Point Switching that protects relay contacts, lengthening ballast life. The 360 degree RAB occupancy sensors are available for specialized applications. The Super Ceiling Sensor features three overlapping detectors for “Can’t Miss Detection” with the ability to detect small movement in a 2152 square foot covered area. The RAB Smart Switch Sensors features a Tuff Dome and Smart Box which are UL suitable for wet locations. For hallway pattern sensory, Smart Switch technology features a RAB occupancy sensor that covers 16' by 60' hall patterns. The Smart Switch RAB lighting occupancy sensor also provides all-in-one relays and sensors to reduce installation cost and time.