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RAB Sensor Lights

RAB motion detector lights are a practical and economical lighting solution to increase security and reduce energy usage. Perfect for residential and commercial applications, RAB motion lights are a great trespassing deterrent. The motion sensor kits are available for LED and CFL lights and feature sensors with detection ranges from 110 degrees to 360 degrees. Popular models from RAB have a variety of different features and sizes. Affordable and ideal for garages and yards, the Gotcha! Sensor kit features two LED 150w, weather- and corrosion-proof floodlights with a 110-degree detection range. These RAB security lights have time delay options between 10 seconds and five minutes. The Luminator RAB motion lights feature adjustable sensitivity control from 100 percent to 50 percent, and the kit comes pre-wired for quick installation. The Luminator also features vandal resistant lens and grill. For commercial applications, the Security Grade Super Stealth is one of the most advanced motion sensor for sale on the market. The Stealth combines two powerful detectors to provide full coverage. It features both a 180 degree, long forward detection range and a 360 degree short range. The sensitivity control of the RAB outdoor motion light is adjustable from 100 percent to 30 percent, and advanced detection logic minimizes false alarms.