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RAB 78 Watt LED Wall Pack Lights

A full selection of RAB 78 Watt LED Wall Packs is available from Pro Lighting. These 78 watt wall packs are sold for IES Type II, IES Type III and IES Type IV distribution. IES Type II is suitable for wide walkways, on ramps and entrance roadways, and any narrow, long lighting situation. IES Type III would be appropriate for roadways, general parking and other areas where a larger pool of lighting is called for. And IES Type IV is the lighting distribution called for in cases of mounting on the sides of buildings and walls to illuminate the perimeter of parking areas. The 78 watt wall packs come in warm white, neutral white and cool white, and are equivalent to a 400 watt HID light. Get these wall packs with free shipping from Pro Lighting. They're guaranteed for five years and rated for 100,000 lamp hours.