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A-lamps are common household lighting solutions. We have all seen the classic incandescent A-lamp style. ProLighting always strives to make everyday lighting more affordable and efficient than ever. Our CFL A-lamps come in over 40 styles for every home. Our models are dimmable to customize your home’s lighting ambiance. Replace your 15 to 75 watt incandescent bulbs with our compact fluorescent A-lamps for reduced energy consumption. Each case has 12 CFLs to transform your lighting system. Find the top brands at budget-friendly prices. We carry Longstar Lighting and TCP bulbs that you can trust. Lighting technicians will appreciate their extended lifespans to reduce maintenance. Try energy star-rated bulbs in your home and see the difference on next month’s electric bill. Small changes like swapping incandescent bulbs for CFLs can save you hundreds over time. Choose the CFL A-lamp wattage, color temperature and price that fit your needs from ProLighting.