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Plug-In CFLs

Our selection of plug-in compact fluorescent lamps includes two and four-pin twin tube lamps in single, double and triple varieties. Plug-in CFLs are incredibly easy to install, equipped with a built-in ballast for immediate use. Since most lamps require a specific ballast type, these fully-equipped plug-in CFLs are ideal. We carry five different styles and an extensive assortment of single and multi-pack lamps. Advantages of CFL use include space and energy-saving capabilities. Each CFL packs impressive light output into a convenient size for use in confined areas.

These lamps are also designed to reduce energy consumption. Eliminate the hassle when purchasing a fluorescent lamp and matching ballast with our plug-in CFL designs. Try the four-pin triple twin tube bulbs, boasting up to 12,000 hours of use. These powerful five inch lights can fit nearly anywhere. Install a plug-in CFL at your desk for improved vision and a more comfortable working environment.