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HPS to MH Retrofit

If you’re planning on doing some indoor gardening this winter, you should make sure your growing lights produce the best quality light for their purposes. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights are best for the flowering and fruiting stages, while metal halide is best for the initial growth stage. Anyone with an HPS system who’s looking to switch to metal halide for these early stages can do so simply by swapping in a HPS to MH retrofit lamp from Pro Lighting’s Light Bulb department.

While both HPS and metal halide are forms of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, metal halide lights emit an intense, bluish-white light that your plants will respond to with full and vigorous growth. Our lamps, from established retrofit brand manufacturer Venture, emit up to 40,000 or more lumens of natural white light. You can choose between lamps designed for universal or base up burn positions depending on your needs, with up to 20,000 rated hours for years of seasonal use. Metal halide lamps have the bonus of being up to four times more efficient than HPS, so you’ll save money while your plants are developing stocky and strong.

All of this requires precisely zero modifications, adjustments or maintenance to your existing fixtures. Just pop in a metal halide retrofit lamp and you’re all set for the early winter growing season. Order today from Pro Lighting and discover what your plants have been missing.

  • Burn Position: Universal, Base Up
  • Lumens: 19,000-41,000
  • Wattage: 250-400 Watts
  • Rated hours: 20,000
  • CRI: 65