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T5HO Fluorescent High Bays

T5HO, or T5 High Output, is a linear light fixture that provides advanced fluorescent lighting in larger spaces. Ideal for installation in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums and other high-ceiling and industrial applications, T5HO high bay light fixtures make an excellent replacement for High Intensity Discharge (HID) and metal halide lamps in commercial spaces. That’s because they offer lower energy consumption than HID plus better color rendering and reduced glare. T5 high bay light fixtures are considered a popular option for mid- to high-ceiling applications in a variety of industries.

T5HO high bay fluorescent shop lights and warehouse lights are a smart choice for those who require a high level of brightness and want to be able to use their lights with an occupancy sensor. Additionally, because they offer twice the brightness of a standard T8 lamp, you can buy fewer lamps for the same brightness, effectively saving you time and money. We do also offer LED high bays at Pro Lighting, which will offer a longer lifespan than T5HO high bays. However, there are some benefits to T5HO vs. LED high bay lights. For example, T5HO lights are significantly more affordable up front and tend to have a higher CRI than LEDs.

Pro Lighting can help you find the appropriate T5HO fixture for your unique needs, budget and environment. We supply T5HO high bays by industry innovators like TechBrite with an equivalent to up to 1,000-watt HID. Choose between 15,000-lumen T5HO styles all the way up to 40,000-lumen T5HO options for advanced light output. We also offer wet location T5HO high bay light fixtures that can safely be installed outdoors with a low minimum operating temperature. If you aren’t sure which lamp is best suited to your particular space, you can always contact us for more information.