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LED Shop Lights & Strip Fixtures

LED Shop Lights

Shop lights are a must-have in any garage, workshop or studio. Traditionally these spaces are outfitted with old fluorescent fixtures. The light provided with these lamps is dim and can affect the appearance of color. Not to mention the buzzing and flickering that becomes more apparent the longer they stay up there. An ideal way to reduce energy bills and become more energy efficient is by upgrading and updating to LED light strips.

The selection of LED and fluorescent shop lights available at PRO Lighting are an environmentally friendly and budget-conscious solution to replacing outdated incandescent or HID light fixtures. Commercial strips, T8 strips and fluorescent strips are all available in energy-efficient LED form. Get LED commercial strips from brand names such as Keystone, TechBrite, ETi and CREE in a wide variance of wattages ranging from 10w to 90w. Whether you select input voltages of 120 VAC or 120-277 VAC, you can find LED commercial strips in a choice of color temperatures that includes 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. Color tones in stock are neutral white, cool white or daylight, with CRI ranging from less than 80 to 90+. Rated to provide up to 110,000 hours of lamp life, depending on the light you choose, commercial LED shop light fixtures offer beam angles of 110, 116 or 120. Damp location listed strip fixtures that can be used in any interior or exterior location are available.

A 20-watt LED strip fixture is the equivalent to 32-watt fluorescent strip lighting, while a 40-watt LED is equivalent to a 65-watt incandescent, which is an indication of how much energy can be saved by opting for LED lighting.

Dedicated LED or LED Ready Fixtures

There are two types of LED fixtures you could choose for your workspace. Dedicated LED fixtures, such as this ETi fixture, will come without any bulbs or lamps. Rather, the light will be released by diodes specifically designed to emit a certain color temperature and lumen output. Dedicated LED fixtures typically consume less energy and have a longer rated life than fixtures supplied with LED T8 tubes. They also carry multi-year warranties because if just one diode goes out, the whole fixture gets replaced.

On the other hand, there are LED ready fixtures. LED Ready T8 strip fixtures come without a ballast and are fitted with non-shunted sockets wired on one end for use with 120-277V LED T8 lamps. You can get T8 strip fixtures from brands like TechBrite, Straits Lighting and PROLight in lengths ranging from 24 inches to 96 inches.The advantage of going this route is you can customize your light appearance a little more and purchase the exact T8 lamp with the exact specs you want. This often will be the case with workshops where a high Color Rendering Index, or CRI, is needed. Most dedicated LED fixtures will top out around 80 CRI, which is still very good and will provide an accurate representation of color, but there are T8 tubes on the market that can provide a 90+ CRI. T8 lights are appropriate where high brightness and superior illumination levels are required.

Whether you are completing projects for yourself or a client, you want to make sure the your workspace is fitting for the type of activities you are doing. it is important to have even, consistent light throughout a space where people will be working with their hands and doing detail-oriented tasks. At PRO Lighting we often come across customers with garages and shops where their entire space is being lit by just one or two fixtures located somewhat centrally. Those types of layouts do not provide the illuminance needed to get to recommended light levels from the IESNA Lighting Handbook.