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LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

Vapor-tight LEDs make an excellent upgrade or addition to any environment where a waterproof light is required. There is a general standard called Ingress Protection (IP) that defines levels of sealing effectiveness in lighting, and manufacturers can only achieve the vapor-tight rating if their housings are fully sealed from foreign particles and moisture. For that reason, this type of lighting is a great choice for car washes, factories and wash bays where high moisture and humidity is a factor. It’s also a popular choice for barn and horse stall lighting. Pro Lighting has dozens of unique LED vapor-tight fixture options to meet your individual demands.

Of course, choosing and LED for your wet environment lighting is a very smart choice, since you can expect exceptionally long lamp life and a lower power output with high-efficiency LEDs. We carry many durable-construction vapor-proof LEDs that will completely seal out dust, moisture and humidity. Choose our own PROLight vapor-tight LED fixtures if you’d like a light with a rugged, polycarbonate housing and a continuous gasket for a lasting airtight seal. We also supply LED vapor-proof lights by RAB and TechBrite at Pro Lighting. Most of our LED vapor-tight light fixtures are DLC listed (which often makes them eligible for rebates) and carry five-year warranties for added peace of mind.