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PAR38 High Wattage LED Lamps

For saving energy and money when replacing bulbs for recessed lighting fixtures, we have Light Efficient Design's recessed HID/Halogen retrofit lamps. These high-efficiency lamps replace 150-175 watt HID lamps and 300 watt halogen lamps. Halogen bulbs typically have a lifespan of 2000-3000 hours. High-intensity discharge (HID) metal halide lamps will last between 7500-10,000 hours. The 50,000 hour lifespan you can expect from these LED lamps results in little to no maintenance and extremely low replacement costs. A 50 watt LED lamp is equivalent to a 175 watt HID. This means you'll also see big savings in your electricity bills. We offer different color temperatures for different qualities of light (neutral white, cool white or daylight).Pro Lighting is your best source for the latest in lighting technology. We're dedicated to customer satisfaction and eco-friendly, cost-effective lighting solutions.