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Landscape Lighting

Turn your yard's appearance into something exquisite with the selection of outdoor landscape lighting available at Pro Lighting. Select from our wide range of flood lights, path and garden lighting, step lighting, well lights and bollard lights. Landscape lighting can highlight your home's architectural features and draw attention to surrounding plants and trees. Most landscape lighting nowadays is low voltage, so it is safe to work with and less costly to install than it used to be. Outdoor lighting can highlight attractive landscaping. It also can be an effective means of enhancing the safety and security of your home. Landscape lighting enables homeowners to enjoy their backyard well after dark.

Flood Lights

Whether you are highlighting seasonal decorations or illuminating a specific aspect of your property year-round, the selection of flood lights available at Pro Lighting can help you achieve your goal with UL listed, wet location flood lights that are corrosion-proof and non-conducive. RAB brand flood lights come in wattages that range from 5 watts to 150 watts. Bathe your property in brilliant, high-intensity light. LED driveway flood lights use lamps that can withstand extended use for long periods of time. Pro Lighting HID flood lights are available in several styles, including LED lights, metal halide, HPS flood lights and halogen flood lights.

Path and Garden Lights

If you have spent considerable time cultivating and manicuring your garden, bring out the most in all the landscaped foliage on your property with path and garden lighting from RAB. Choose from lights with either 75 watts or 100 watts. The input voltage of these screw-based fixtures us 120 VAC. Pagoda style path lights from RAB Lighting with rugged aluminum housing are an affordable and durable solution for the do-it-yourselfer. The louvers direct light downward so that they'll blend with the landscape. The lights are protected from sprinklers, insects and inclement weather. Lumen outputs available are 1,200 and 1,650. Styles in stock include tier lights, colonial and tulip lamps.

Step Lighting

Take a smart step toward enhancing the appearance of your yard with more than 50 different models of step lighting available at Pro Lighting from such brands as RAB, Juno and NSL. Indoor and outdoor designs for staircases are part of the inventory, whether your objective is illumination of residential stairs or commercial staircases for a business. Energy-efficient LED step lights can provide up to 50,000 hours of life before they may need replacing. You can choose muted, low-key 3-watt step lighting, brighter 18-watt lamps or five wattage options in between. There is also a wide range of color tone options, with neutral white, cool white, warm white, daylight, four other colors and full spectrum lights in stock.

Well Lights

Recessed lighting fixtures look great in your kitchen, bathroom or den. So why wouldn't you also expect them to cast a striking appearance outdoors on your property, as well? The well lights available at Pro Lighting are a splendid way to showcase the exterior of the property in which you take so much pride. Outdoor in-ground lights and well lights are more concealed than landscape lighting above the ground. With less flexibility and more permanence in positioning, recessed well lights are best suited for accenting architectural features, facades or sculptures. Their ideal placement is away from large trees and foliage, installed in a sidewalk or in soft landscaping. Focus Industries well lights are equipped with an adjustable lamp that directs light onto your home. Well lights are used for in-ground lawn applications and for up-lighting trees, columns and architectural features when an above-ground fixture is not what you want. Owners with water on their property can submerge brass and black waterproof underwater lights in their pool, pond or fountains. Look forward to throwing parties and having evening barbecues on your deck with outdoor recessed lighting.

Bollard Lights

Contemporary outdoor lighting solutions for your property, landscape bollard lights available at Pro Lighting from RAB Lighting are employed to blend in with existing outdoor scenery to bring out the best in your landscape. With wattages ranging from 5w to 40w, there are plenty of granularities to accommodate large, medium-sized or small yards. Landscape bollards can also enhance commercial landscaping and path lighting, or boost safety and security by illuminating walkways. In addition to RAB Lighting, Malibu and Focus Industries brand bollard lights are in stock, including LED lamps that are as friendly to your utility bills as they are to your landscape. These LED lamps can supply as much as 50,000 hours of continuous use. Input voltages available are 120-277 VAC and 120V-240V, with color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K representing three different color tones. Guaranteed by the manufacturer for five years, these UL-approved for wet location bollard lights provide lumens ranging from 128 to 2,802.