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Plug-in Modules

If you are using a Pico Wireless scenario to control your lights and/or shades remotely, you will also be able to control other appliances with the same control simply by plugging appliances into this Lutron Wireless appliance Plug-in Module. Remotely switch off printers, monitors, hard drives and other vampire loads that are not in use. You can buy these modules in black or white and their compact size makes them easy to hide. You can run everything from table lamps to Christmas lights remotely from your table, wall or visor mounted Pico controller. High-functioning and dependable, Lutron’s proprietary Clear Connect technology makes these plugs work every time, and the technology will plug into any standard receptacle. Choose from either one or three receptacles and from either switching or lamp-dimming functions for non-wall controlled lamps such as floor and bedside lamps.