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Lutron lighting controls are synonymous with good taste. And in wall plates, Lutron knows that it’s the finishing touches that transform quality workmanship into commanding design. These Claro Wallplates belong to what Lutron calls their designer line, intended to be less utility and more décor. Lutron does not make a wallplate with the screw holes of yore, so that sleekness of look goes uninterrupted along the plates. This group of products offers you choices in the number of wall boxes you want to cover, from one to six, but the subtlety is in the color and textures. Claro is a gloss finish with mostly neutral colors; Claro Satin offers a wider variety of color options, to suggest a room’s accent colors, for example. Most of the wallplates come in a stainless steel option, a chic favorite of today’s interior designers. In lieu of visible mounting screws, these wallplates come in two parts that fit together and serve to better fill in gaps and hide spaces. Choose the texture, color and number of plates for the project you are working on and save by buying them here at ProLighting.