How Nora Lighting Became A Globally Well-Known Brand.

With just shy of 30 years of lighting excellence, today we take a look at Nora Lighting. Founded in 1989, they have spent the last 28 years working to live up to their slogan – “Illuminating the future” and their… Continue Reading →

5 Types of Wall Packs for Outdoor Lighting

Today we turn our attention from our previous blog post focus of specific companies to a lighting category, LED wall packs. Here at Pro Lighting, we offer five different varieties of LED wall packs which include traditional wall packs, cutoff… Continue Reading →

Why We Love Litetronics (And You Should, Too!)

Litetronics LED UFO High Bay is made by Litetronics International, Inc. Litetronics International, Inc. is an innovative company that was founded in 1970 in Harvey, Illinois. Quickly, it became a leader in the industry when in 1972, Litetronics introduced an… Continue Reading →

This Is Why Keystone Technologies Is So Famous!

As lighting technology improves, one only need look to the past to find the way to the future. Today, we’ll do just that with Keystone Technologies. Keystone Technologies was founded in 1945 by Harold Fox and Marvin Spielman, a pair… Continue Reading →

RAB Lighting

Founded in 1946, RAB Lighting has consistently grown in to an indoor and outdoor lighting powerhouse that provides great service and products. In 2002, for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, RAB was hired to create the vaporproof fixtures… Continue Reading →

LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures in Commercial Spaces

LED high bay light fixtures are the essential LED fixture for any warehouse, gymnasium, barn, manufacturing area, or storage space. These fixtures are designed for buildings with mid to high ceilings and provide superior lumen output, perfect for providing efficient… Continue Reading →

Juno Lighting Group

Started in 1976 by a former traveling light fixture salesman, Juno Lighting has continuously grown and become an industry leader in lighting fixtures for corporate and personal use across the US.  Over their lifetime as a company Juno has won… Continue Reading →

PRO Lighting now recognized as Google Trusted Store

PRO Lighting is a certified Google Trusted Store.

Lighting Certifications Explained

Overview As technology in the lighting industry advances, it can be difficult to understand what the different standards for different products mean.

Keystone FutureFit Kits

Keystone FutureFit kits are easy retrofit solution for sconce, linear, rectangular, and circular fixtures.

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