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Our Brands

Top-Rated Lighting Brands

PRO Lighting offers high-quality LED Lighting fixtures, lamps, retrofits, and lighting accessories from the top brands in the lighting industry today. We only carry the best brands to provide our customers with quality lighting made to last. Some of our top brands include RAB Lighting, CREE, Lutron, Juno Lighting, and much more. Whether you are looking for top-of-the-line lighting, or quality middle-of-the-road LEDs, PRO Lighting has the brands and products that will provide the perfect solution for your lighting needs.

Learn about our brands and their great products


Acculite is a division of Juno Lighting known for their excellent solutions in both large indoor and outdoor applications. We carry their popular Aciculate LED Mini Security light, known for it's efficiency and bright light. Acculite allows customers to get the brilliant, clear lighting they need while saving on energy costs.

Advance Ballasts

Keep your energy costs low with Advance Ballasts from PRO Lighting; they're affordable, reliable, and on the cutting edge of technological innovation. At PRO Lighting, we carry T5 - T5HO, T8 - T8HO, and T12 - T12HO ballasts. The popular Advance ABC-100 Ballast Checker tells you if you're using an Electronic or Magnetic Ballast, without having to climb up and check your fixture. Whether you're looking for a dimming ballast, or one that strictly regulates energy consumption, you'll find it with with Advance at PRO Lighting.


Take your home decor to the next level with Wall Plates, Outlets, Dimmers, Switches, Track Lighting, and more from adore by Legrand. adorne products are prized for their elegance, beauty, and practicality. They offer a variety of switches and dimmers that allow you to adjust your lights by flipping a switch, tapping a button, waving your hand, and more. The adorne Track Lighting system installs underneath your cabinets and allows you to replace different components on the track with outlets, under cabinet lights, speakers, and more. Adorn your walls with adorne today.

Bergen Industries, Inc.

Bergen is known for their high-quality tube guards and Temporary LED High Bay Work Lights. Tube guards are an essential element for your lighting because they guard against injury and contamination. When fluorescent tubes break, they leak mercury and other hazardous materials that can be contained by the tube guard. Temporary LED high bays deliver light similar to traditional high bays but with the added benefit of mobility. These fixtures features a hanger as well as a plug and cord which allows you to move the fixtures as you work wherever you need the light the most.


CREE was selected as one of the World's 50 Most Innovative Companies thanks to their high-efficiency LED products that continuously push the boundaries of the industry. CREE's fixtures utilize CREE TrueWhite™ Technology that allows them to deliver a smooth, even light in every application. The ZR and CR troffer fixtures are extremely popular thanks to their modern design and efficient LED lighting. The XSP Wall Packs are excellent solutions for outdoor lighting thanks to their bright light and durable, weatherproof housing.

Curtis Mathes

Curtis Mathes is known for their innovative LED light bulbs. These bulbs feature an advanced LED lighting system on the inside, with a simple, stylish design on the outside. LED Light bulbs from Curtis Mathes are low-priced, providing savings up front and again on your energy bill.

Cyber Tech Lighting

If you're looking for work lights for your garage or workspace look no further than the work lights from Cyber Tech. The hand held LED lights work great in tight spaces such as underneath cars and above engines. If you need more of a flood light, their tripod lights feature models with 1 or 2 work lights allowing you to get the most efficient lighting in your workspace.


Upgrade your existing lighting to LED with LED light bulbs, Corn Lamps, and LED downlight retrofits from EarthTronics. These fixtures can drastically reduce your energy consumption in either your business or home. PRO Lighting carries Corn Lamps designed to replace HID fixtures up to 400 Watts. Furthermore, they provide LED bulbs in unique shapes perfect for use in chandeliers or as decoration lighting.

Edison Mills

For the best vintage LED filament bulbs on the market today check out Edison Mills. These bulbs are designed to provide the same look, feel, and warmth of a classic filament bulb, but with the energy-efficiency of LEDs. LED filament bulbs are available in a variety of shapes including A19, decorative, globe, and ST58. Filament bulbs are a hot trend in the design world, and are used in many restaurants and homes.


For nearly 40 years, Eiko has provided lighting solutions to a worldwide customer base. They are committed to providing customers with innovative products, unique solutions, and unmatched support. Their T5HO lamps are Green Certified after meeting low energy-consumption with high energy-efficiency guidelines. The EiKO F49T5-HO-841-EIKO T5HO lamp burns at a cool 4100K while delivering an impressive 4,900 lumens making it a perfect tube for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other spaces with T5HO fixtures.


Engineered Products Co. products are designed with innovative features designed to save on cost and reduce installation time. EPCO is committed to providing customers with quality customer support and hassle-free returns. Retrofit your existing fluorescent fixtures with their T8 and T5 retrofit kits and enjoy energy-efficient LED light. The EPCO 16540 motion sensor closet light is a popular residential fixture thanks to its unique benefits and energy-saving light.


The engineers at ETi know that high-quality LED light is all about performance, and that's what drives their need for innovation. Their flush mount ceiling lights provide clean light perfect for lighting stairways, hallways, and bathrooms. The linkable shop lights are perfect for garages, shops, and more. Browse the full selection of ETi lamps and fixtures which includes LED Downlights, LED Troffers, Under Cabinets, and more.

Fulham Ballasts

The full line of Fulham, a well-known name in ballasts, is available at PRO Lighting. Our Fulham Ballasts line include nine different categories to make your purchase easier. The Fulham IceHorse is perfect for use in low temperatures, and below freezing outdoor applications. With our selection of Fulham Ballasts, you are sure to find the item you need.

Green Creative

The innovation, performance, and reliability of Green Creative products is what has earned them countless awards, including the CNET Best LED Design of the Year. Their LED products offer high-performance solutions that meet your lighting needs. Green Creative LED lamps at PRO Lighting are available in multiple shapes and sizes including PAR16, BR40, T8 U-Bend, and more. This full selection of products is sure to lower your energy consumption.


Set up your light fixtures quickly and easily with convenient clips and hangers from Gripple. Gripple hangers are known for their easy installation — helping hang fixtures up to six times faster than traditional hanging systems. They do not require any cutting or crimping, and adjustments can be made without the use of tools. Install your fixtures faster than ever with hangers from Gripple.


Halco Lighting Solutions engineers lamps and fixtures that deliver value coupled with energy-efficient lighting. The LED R20 and LED BR30 lamps provide clean LED lighting designed to lower energy costs on your electric bill. Halco LED flat panels are back-lit and feature a milk white lens, assuring a smooth, even light distribution. Upgrade your lighting with energy-efficient Halco lamps and fixtures.

Hatch Lighting

If you are in the market for well-made and reliable ballasts and transformers, at a great price, check out Hatch Lighting. PRO Lighting carries Hatch LED drivers as well as T5-T5HO, T8-T8HO, and T12-T12HO ballasts. With a full selection of Hatch products, there is sure to be the right solution for your lighting needs.


Industrial Lighting Products focuses its business on manufacturing high-quality LED products for use in various commercial applications. Their LED Blizzard High Bays are perfect for wet and damp environments because of the vapor tight seal. These fixtures are designed to keep out dust, air, and moisture. Outfit your entire business with the full selection of High Bays, Wall Packs, Canopy Lights, and more from ILP.

Juno Lighting

Upgrade your residential or commercial lighting with Juno Lighting fixtures from PRO Lighting. An industry-leader in LED technology, Juno provides customers with high-efficiency lighting designed to improve lighting and decrease energy consumption. Their recessed fixtures are prized for their easy installation and they are suitable for remodels, retrofits, and new construction. Juno under cabinet fixtures are perfect for brightening up dark counter tops and work benches. Come see why Juno Lighting is such a coveted brand.

Keystone Technologies

Looking to upgrade or retrofit your current lighting? Check out the innovative FutureFit kits from Keystone Technologies. These innovative fixtures install in minutes and allow you to use your existing fixtures for LED lighting. They install in just minutes but provide lifelong savings. The T5 and T5HO LED lamps allow you to upgrade your fluorescent T5 / T5HO fixtures to LED without the expensive purchase of a full fixture replacement.

Kobi Electric

Kobi Electric LED lamps come with performance specifications that an incandescent bulb could only dream of. Kobi LED lamps are available in a variety of shapes including PAR30, PAR38, MR16, and more. The T8 LED tubes are competitively priced and are available in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures.

Light Efficient Design

HID Retrofit Lamps from Light Efficient Design are engineered as energy-efficient LED replacements for outdated HID fixtures. Retrofit HID fixtures from 70 Watts to 400 Watts with these highly efficient LED Corn Lamps.


Energy-efficient UFO High Bays and LED Troffer Retrofits from Litetronics can improve the lighting, productivity, and safety of your warehouses, shops, and manufacturing plants. The UFO high bays are available in a variety of wattages, are waterproof, and provide major lumen output. The retrofit kits use rare earth magnets to hold the retrofit in place, allowing you to enjoy energy-efficient LED lighting in as little as 3 minutes.

Lotus LED Lights

Lotus LED Lights has created one of the most efficient, easy-to-install recessed fixtures on the market today. Their recessed lights are available in 1” and 1/2” thick models allowing them to install with no direct ceiling access, while the fixtures themselves do not require housing or a junction box. Simply cut a hole in the ceiling, and the attached spring clips lock the fixture into place. See why everybody comes to PRO Lighting for the Lotus LED Lights.


Lutron Electronics is known for their high-quality, easy-to-install dimmers, switches, and sensors. The Diva and Maestro line of dimmers and switches are prized for their unique designs and smooth dimming motion. If you're looking for home automation, the Caséta Wireless kit from Lutron is perfect for starting your next lighting project. This series of dimmers and switches allows you to control your home lighting from anywhere in the world from your smartphone.


MaxLite lamps and lightbars are prized for their high-efficiency LED lighting. MaxLight bulbs are perfect for upgrading your outdated incandescent lamps, while the lightbars provide quality lighting for under cabinets, coves, and indirect and accent lighting. If you are looking for commercial fixtures, their LED Wall Packs and Troffers are perfect for nearly any commercial space or building.


National Speciality Lighting is known for their NSL Task Lights, which have become a popular fixture for crafts, workbenches, and moms. These fixtures are perfect for increasing productivity while reducing energy consumption. The NSL MiniDisc Lights continue to grow in popularity thanks to the wide variety of colors and finishes. These lights are ideal for decks, pathways, and general outdoor lighting.

Nora Lighting

The high-quality products from Nora Lighting has allowed them to light many commercial, retail and residential buildings for nearly 30 years. Nora LED Under Cabinets add a touch of elegance to your countertops or workbenches. For shallow or glass cabinets, try out the Nora tape light. The tape light installs easily thanks to the 3M™ adhesive on the back of the tape. Upgrade your home lighting with Nora Lighting products.


LED Wall Packs and LED Area Lights from Noribachi are perfect for adding safe, bright light to the outside of your large buildings. These fixtures emit major light output in a small housing. Use the wall packs on the side of buildings to illuminate doors and other openings for increased safety and security. LED Area Lights are used in parking lots because of their wide beam spread and powerful light.

Pass & Seymour

Make sure no detail goes unnoticed with dimmers, outlets, and wall plates from Legrand |Pass & Seymour. Their receptacles feature traditional outlets with a combination of night lights, USC receptacles, or both. Avoid the bulky, protruding night lights with outlet / nightlight combinations, only from Pass & Seymour.


If you are looking for cost-friendly lighting solutions, browse our selection of PROLight LED products. PROLight provides users with a full line of commercial lighting products, including LED Wall Packs, LED Area Lights, LED High Bays, and much much more. If you're looking to upgrade to LED without breaking the bank, take a look at the energy-efficient fixtures of PRO Light.

RAB Lighting

Check out our extensive selection of high-quality indoor and outdoor RAB Lighting fixtures. These top-of-the-line lights are perfect for adding energy-efficient LED light in both outdoor and outdoor residential and commercial applications. The RAB BAYLED high bays deliver major lumen output while consuming less than 100 Watts. Browse our RAB fixtures and see why this is one of the top brands on the market today.

Simkar Lighting

Starting in a basement in Philadelphia, Simkar has grown to become one of the largest lighting manufacturers in the United States, and continues to grow and develop since their founding in 1946. The Simkar LED Dusk-to-Dawn fixtures are perfect for hitting the broad side of your barn with major light. These outdoor fixtures are powerful and feature a daylight sensor to turn them on at night and off in the morning.


Technical Consumer Products, is an industry leader in creating energy-efficient bulbs and lighting solutions. TCP provides a huge selection of LED, HID, and CFL lamps, as well as LED Recessed Retrofits. Upgrade your outdated incandescent recessed lights to LED with energy-efficient downlight retrofits from TCP, starting at $11.99.


Thanks to their LED Ready High Bay Fixtures, TechBrite has been able to skyrocket in popularity at PRO Lighting. These fixtures are designed to hold LED tubes in sockets that are directly wired to the power source. If a tube goes out you replace that tube, avoiding the full fixture replacement a dedicated LED high bay would need. See why the TechBrite High Bays are our best selling fixture.

Universal Lighting Technologies

Your industrial building can become more energy-efficient than ever just by installing Universal Ballasts from ULT. A trusted name in lighting, their ballasts are designed to help reduce you energy-consumption, saving you big on your energy bill. ULT Ballasts last longer and require a fraction of the energy required by comparable ballasts. See why we carry Universal Ballasts at PRO Lighting.

Venture Lighting

Venture Lighting has been at the forefront of the lighting industry for nearly 40 years. Their HID bulbs are designed with the end-user in mind, which is noticeable through their high-quality and unmatched support. These lamps are designed to last up to 20,000 hours providing powerful light in various commercial applications.


Why would you pay to light an empty room? Save money and energy with sensors from WattStopper. These sensors can turn off or dim your lights when the room is vacant. WattStopper sensors help you reduce power consumption while extending the lifespan of your bulbs. PRO Lighting carries wall switch sensors, ceiling sensors, and high bay sensors guaranteeing there's a sensor perfect for you.