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LED Downlights: Retrofits, Recessed Housings and More

LED Recessed Lighting & Trims

PRO Lighting carries recessed lighting products that represent the industry standard for quality and aesthetics. We sell top-of-the-line brands like Juno and Lotus in this vast assortment of quality-made recessed LED lights. Our LED retrofit designs will transform any standard recessed lighting fixture into an LED-compatible socket. Our mini, four, five and six-inch recessed fixtures are the perfect choice for your home. These efficient LED can lights are the perfect option for swapping out your outdated, energy-hogging incandescent lights for something that takes a fraction of the energy and maintenance. With our LED recessed lighting fixtures, you can easily add a clean, efficient lighting source with minimal effort. Additionally, they don’t emit any harmful ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths and contain no lead or mercury.

Our LED, incandescent and low-voltage recessed fixtures are perfect for every residential and commercial application. If you are looking for a low profile lighting option, look no further than our Juno LED recessed lighting. Slope housings allow you to direct your lighting towards the center of the room, artwork or anywhere you want to highlight. Use an LED fixture for up to 50,000 hours of maintenance-free lamp life. We can help you find the perfect Juno LED recessed downlight and other high-quality Juno LED recessed lights for your facility or home. We also have recessed light trims by Juno, Halco, CREE and more to give your recessed lights an updated look. Our trim designs include more than the standard white rings. We carry white and black combinations, metallic interior gimbal rings, all-black options and more to match your unique décor.

If you are looking for light housings, we carry a full selection of those as well. These recessed light housings are durable and most are airtight, IC-rated and inherently protected. Recessed housing is perfect for installing fixtures in new construction. You can use vapor-proof recessed lighting in any industrial, commercial or office application where you need a high-quality light output that won’t be compromised by moisture or dust. Make sure to pick a style that’s UL Listed for wet location use if you intend to install these housings outdoors.

Recessed lighting has a variety of different applications in both residential and commercial buildings. Install these energy-efficient fixtures in your bedrooms, bathrooms and living room for increased lighting at a lower price. In commercial applications, these fixtures work best in offices, hallways, conference rooms and for general display lighting. Whether you want a completely new fixture, or if you would rather save some money and retrofit, we carry over 600 recessed lighting fixtures. At PRO Lighting, find a complete line of recessed lighting fixtures and trims to complement any room.