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LED Under Cabinet Lighting

About Under Cabinet Fixtures

Choosing the right under cabinet fixture can instantly improve the look, depth and productivity of your kitchen or workspaces. These fixtures are the perfect lighting option for homes and business. LED under cabinet lights are an efficient lighting option for everything including cooking, arts and crafts, projects and more. Use under cabinet lights as night lights and accent lighting for dinner parties. LED fixtures provide up to 50,000 hours of illumination, and they don’t get hot like other outdated models. Additionally, LED under cabinet lighting makes an excellent upgrade to your outdated incandescent or halogen under cabinet lights.

PRO Lighting carries a huge variety of LED under cabinet fixtures available as strips, puck or tape lights. The strip under cabinet fixtures are available in a variety of lengths, so even if you have extra-long countertops, you can efficiently light the entire space with linkable fixtures. Strip under cabinet fixtures are available in multiple finishes so finding one to match your kitchen’s existing decor is simple. You can use these fixtures as useful under counter LED lights if you want to create extra illumination around your countertops or install them as standard under cabinet styles to illuminate the countertop below.

Puck lights are ideal for adding a warm ambiance to your room because you can direct the light towards the backsplash, creating a more ambient glow. These fixtures work well on glass cabinets or shelves being used as displays. We’ve got LED puck lights by brands like Juno which provide elegant, recessed LED under cabinet lighting hardwired for a clean, neat look. Available in a wide range of options, most of our LED puck lights are dimmer-compatible, allowing you to create a customized ambiance.

Tape lights work great in tight spaces. An entire strip of LEDs with an adhesive covered back allow you to put under cabinet lights in even the tightest spots. Tape lights operate off of standard outlets. We have Juno, Maxlite, NSL and RAB LED under cabinet lighting in tape light and other styles to help meet your unique needs and budget.

LED under cabinet lighting is available in three installation choices; hardwire, battery or plug-in. Battery operated and plug-in models are easy to install and can be a quick and fun DIY project that takes only a few minutes. If you prefer to have your LED under cabinet lights hardwired to a light switch it is best to have an electrician install them. All three options provide efficient light, so choosing the right one is up to your personal preference.

The large variety of under cabinets really allows you get the exact look you want when installing these fixtures, alongside the various lengths and finishes, these lights come in five different color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5000K. The lower temperatures, 2700K, 3000K and 3100K deliver a warm white light perfect for kitchens, offices and dens. The 4000K and 5000K models provide a cool white light which is great if you install one of these fixtures over a work bench. The clean white light is perfect for projects and increasing productivity with efficient light.

If you are looking for high-efficiency, low-maintenance under cabinet lighting fixtures check out our fixtures from Juno, Nora and RAB Lighting. LED under cabinet fixtures use a fraction of the energy compared to fluorescent and xenon fixtures, helping you save on your energy bill. They don’t emit any heat either, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping one and burning your hand. The RAB Knook fixtures are one of the most popular choices in kitchens all over. They are available in four different sizes and two color temperatures. If you prefer puck lights, the NSL Mini Star II fixtures are less than an inch thick allowing you to tuck them away where they can’t be seen but still provide the light you desire.

Under cabinet fixtures make for a great kitchen light. Install these fixtures underneath your kitchen cabinets to brighten up those dark coves and open up your countertops. With efficient lighting, prepare meals faster than ever, and even host parties in your kitchen. Upgrading to LED provides efficient lighting. They also provide a great, contemporary look in your kitchen and allow you to create a tailored ambiance with the help of dimmers. Kitchen cabinet designs which are thinner on the bottom can benefit from using tape light. It lays flush with surface to remain hidden. PRO Lighting provides over 100 different under cabinet solutions. There are fixtures in a variety of sizes, finishes, shapes and color temperatures — if there is a perfect light for you, we have it. LED under cabinet fixtures are skyrocketing in popularity thanks to their unparalleled efficiency, long-life and low-maintenance. Moms, children and craftsmen will love these convenient fixtures. Some models even include free shipping. Order your under cabinet from PRO Lighting today, or contact one of our certified lighting specialists to learn more.