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Photocell technology is versatile and effective at home, outdoors and at the office. Photocell technology is able to detect whether it is day or night, turning your lights on automatically in darkness. These convenient, small adapters come in a variety of styles at ProLighting. We carry Precision brand photocells and adapters. Their effective Twist Lock varieties allow you to twist the sensor to keep your lights switched on all day or only on in the evening. Photocells are extremely helpful with nightlights, including security fixtures, floodlights and other evening safety features. Install a Precision photocell adapter with your floodlights! Forget having to alter your timers as sunset gets later and later. Instead, use a photocell to automatically detect darkness and turn your lights on. These powerful, compact photocells are designed for up to 3000 watts of light. View these energy-conscious lighting add-ons and more indoor and outdoor accessories at ProLighting.