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Other Components

In addition to big-ticket lighting necessities such as fixtures, bulbs, lamps, ballasts and transformers, Pro Lighting also carries a complete line of accessories and components that are needed to install or enhance lighting products you already own. Check out the inventory components that are needed by homeowners and contractors alike, including ballast checkers, industrial ceiling fans, fixture cords, disconnects, capacitors and ignitors, fixture hangers, sockets, tube guards and more.

The Advance electronic versus magnetic ballast checker is a handheld tool to facilitate lighting audits, with a compact size to simplify storage options. A ballast checker can classify a ballast’s technology type when confirming its status and indicating lighting upgrade possibilities that might be suitable. When you point a ballast checker at a fixture for I.D., it will turn green if the light source is powered by a high-frequency electronic ballast, and it will turn orange if it is powered by a magnetic ballast.

Westinghouse industrial ceiling fans with an input voltage of 120 VAC are five-speed systems used in high ceilings or especially large rooms that move 6,900 cubic feet of air per minute and produce significant savings in long-term energy costs. Providing ventilation and a cooling effect, these ceiling fans that come with a warranty of 15 years are available in either ball hanger or J-mount options.

Replace damaged parts of a ballast kit without undertaking purchase of a full new system with the selection of HID capacitors, starters and ignitors in stock at Pro Lighting to ensure efficient lighting and ballast startup even when it's extremely cold. Brand names like Keystone and Aerovox offer capacitors and starters in either metal halide or high-pressure sodium form, with a wide range of wattages and input voltages available. Cords and hangers for fixtures, WAGO Luminaire Disconnect Connector Sockets for feedthrough of power to multiple ballasts in a fixture, and tube guards for T5, T8 and T12 as an inexpensive alternative to coated lamps are all in stock at Pro Lighting, as well.