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Lutron Claro 6-Port Frames

For entertainment rooms, offices, and organization in the well-planned home, keep all your media jacks organized with these 6-port frames from Lutron. The customizable 6-port frame lets you choose and arrange your jacks, and it comes in Claro Satin, so you can order 6-port frames in Taupe, Hot, or Sea Green to match your d├ęcor and wall receptacles. And to complete the connections to the wall boxes, you'll find a variety of jack components for fiber, phone and cable connections. Choose from among category 3, 6-conductor and category 5, 8-conductor phone jacks. Fiber optic connectors come in ST and the more recent LC fiber jack, using a ring-type connector (LC is about half the size of the ST). Keep in mind that the key to installing the ST is making sure it seats properly. A poor seat may cause s fail, but it can often be reset by disconnecting and reconnecting. The SC snap-on connector is commonly used in multi-mode applications, as well as single mode use. And the MT-RJ duplex connector is for multi-mode use only. Since the MT-RJ has male and female versions for alignment pin arrangement, make sure you've checked the type of connector required.