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Occupancy & Vacancy Sensors

Choose from this wide variety of Maestro Occupancy Sensors from Lutron. In addition to the standard Wallbox series, the C series overhead (ceiling) sensors and W series (wall mount) sensors make use of two technologies, Passive Infrared, which picks up major motion and Ultrasonic Sensors (US), which detect the smallest of motions. Lutron Overhead and Wall Mount Sensors combine these two technologies so that they can cultivate self-adjusting sensitivity. This helps the devices to weed out false responses. Mounted on an 8-foot ceiling, the C-series sensors can pick up motion in an area between 450 and 2,000 square feet and the Wall Mount can sweep an area of 1600 square feet. And you can be sure it is ready to operate correctly through an 8-second test mode. Lutron Occupancy Sensors have memory that will return settings in case of power failure. We also carry the Lutron relay power packs with low voltage output to run the low voltage ceiling and wall LOS units.

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