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Ceiling Sensors

Energy costs are skyrocketing, and light bulbs aren’t cheap. Leaving lights on costs you big money in the long run; you have to pay high electricity bills and replace bulbs frequently to keep your lights working the way you want them to. You can save energy and money by using WattStopper ceiling sensors in your home, workplace or retail store. We carry a variety of styles, sizes and performance capabilities for your convenience. WattStopper ceiling sensors don’t get in anyone’s way because they’re mounted out-of-reach. They can detect even slight movements in a room; once that happens, a relay switch flicks on the lights almost instantly. Since these ultra-convenient occupancy sensors are small, easy to install and don’t require any training to use, they’re ideal for rooms that aren’t used on a constant basis. From restrooms to storage rooms, these ceiling sensors keep your money where it belongs: in your pocket.