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LED Puck Lights

Puck lights are versatile fixtures that can create pools of illumination on a kitchen countertop and can either be surface placements or mounted to a location. For inside or underneath cabinets, on shelves or in work stations, Pro Lighting carries LED Puck Lights from NSL and Juno. The NSL LED Mini Star II Fixture boasts a warm white color temperature of 3000K and only 3.26 watts per fixture. It is 80 percent more efficient than Xenon/Halogen with a lamp life six times as long. The Juno LED Solo-Task Light 3000K 12V is adaptable and efficient, producing the same level of light as a 20-watt halogen and xenon, while only using 1/4 of the energy. Its service life is expected to approximate 50,000 hours, making maintenance worries a thing of the past.