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LED Strip Fixture Retrofit

Get more out of your strip lighting by converting from fluorescent to LED with a retrofit kit from Pro Lighting. These common light fixtures, which provide lighting for narrow areas such as hallways and workbenches, will be taken up a notch with an efficient, eco-friendly LED system.

We carry an assortment of retrofit kits four as many as four lamps, and shunted or non-shunted sockets depending on your needs. If your current lighting system uses the popular F32T8 (fluorescent, 32 watt, tubular) bulbs, then we have plenty of options for you. Our F32T8 retrofit LED packages include all the parts necessary for a quick and simple installation. LED provides a higher quality light than fluorescent while using energy more efficiently. And when a bulb finally does burn out – after as much as 10 years’ use – you won’t have to stare at the ugly black ends of a normal F32T8 bulb while you get a new one.

Retrofitting your lighting system to LED will benefit you in more ways than one. LED light burns brighter and lasts longer, allowing you to see better with less worry. And its low energy usage and lack of harmful materials such as mercury mean you’ll save money while protecting the environment. Pro Lighting has the tools and resources you need for better lighting now and later.